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PANDORIUM was originally founded as “HELL´S BREATH” in Winter 2008 in Minden (NW), Germany. The Line-up consisted of Fadil (Guitars/Vocals), Paule (Guitars), Schlotti (Bass) and Hellma (Drums). After intense rehearsing the band soon created some songs such as “Mankind Has Failed” and “Desert Eagle”, while changing the band name to “PANDORIUM”.

Shortly afterwards the 3-Track-Demo EP “DEMOlition” (2011) emerged, which proved as a springboard for many other gigs.
After Paule and Hellma quitted the band due to lack of time, more than suitable replacement was found with Marvin Hilbig and Jannik Malken. Then in Summer 2013, the band recorded the work “The Human Art of Depression” together with Torsten Sauerbrey at Metalsound-Studio (Osterode am Harz, Germany), which was written almost entirely by Fadil. The Album contains the promo songs taken from DEMOlition, as well as 6 additional Songs, elaborated to the last detail. At first self-released, later in 2015 the Album was Re-released by Cologne (GER) based record Label “BRET HARD RECORDS” and is since then distributed worldwide.

After an album-club tour 2014/2015 in Germany and the Netherlands, the well attuned quartet played some more shows in 2016 while working on new material for a worthy follower to “The Human Art of Depression”.

In 2017 Jannik and Schlotti decided to leave the band heavy-heartedly due to health and personal reasons. After finishing songwriting for the new album, PANDORIUM got complete again with J.B on Bass and Florian Burkardt on Drums. Currently the Band finished recordings for the new masterpiece “The Eye of the Beholder”, which will be released in early 2019 via Roll The Bones Records. Musically it ties on the previous work while expanding the mixture of styles even more. Stay tuned!


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